DELUXE EDITION: And The Week # 7 Winners Are...

Hello guys, sorry for taking so long with the follow-up but the duties of life call sometimes, you know? Anyways, Considering the fact that so many players stepped up this past Monday, I thought that it was necessary to publish a one-time DELUXE EDITION (If you can call it that) to acknowledge some players whom I don't think will ever be voted into the first or second place spotlight. Players whose contributions are mentioned each week but always end up in the Honorable Mentions section with no picture credits. This format that will not be published every week; just those times when a lot more than a few players, in the words of Step Up and Make Big Plays, "step up and make big plays." 





9 Receptions, 108 Yards, 2 TDs

Vote Tally: 2F + 3RU + 2HM = Vote Total: 4.00


BBVer Comments:

 "Another multiple TD game for the Dream. I think he’s officially crossed the line into the elite category." -Plaxico Burress-



4 Solo Tackles, 1 Sack

Vote Tally: 5F + 1R-U =  Vote Total: 5.50


BBVers Comments:

 "Not just for his knock out hit on Romo, but because he seemed like he was all over the field making plays." -Larry Soprano-





12 Atts - 75 Yds, 1TDs

Vote Tally: 2F +  4HM =  Vote Total: 3.00


BBVers Comments:

"I know he had a fumble, and Bradshaw had more yards, but the Brandon Jacobs I saw last night, is the Brandon Jacobs I’ve been waiting to see since 2008." -tito (eight and oh)-



2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumbles   

Vote Tally: 4F + 3RU = Vote Total: 5.50


BBVers Comments:

"was a big part in holding the Cowboys to jut 41 yards, tip of the cap to you Barry." -tito (eight and oh)-


                                      TOP TIER HONORABLE MENTIONS

AHMAD BRADSHAW RB/OFFENSE - 24 Attempts - 126 Yds, 2 Receptions - 12 Yds



LAWRENCE TYNES PK/OFFENSE- 2 Total Kicks - 1 (20-29) & 1 (50+), 53 Long, 5 X Pts Attempted - 5 X Pts made, 11 Points Total


"(I’ve never seen him kick so well)" -Larry Soprano-

"Tynes’ leg is looking stronger than ever kicking field goals and kickoffs." -Jerry Nicks



STEVE SMITH WR/OFFENSE - 9 Receptions - 101 Yards, 1 Td


May not of been the best WR of the day but that catch when his helmet flew off was crazy good," -The Always Well Dressed-

"for being the constant safety net that Eli has grown to depend on. Its ashame that he never makes it to first or second place but his performance is always worthy of praise." -LoNJDTechnology-


MARIO MANNINGHAM WR/OFFENSE - 3 Receptions- 40 Yards, 1 Td





"The playmakers made plays last night, but none of it would have been possible without the dominant play by the O-line. They gave Eli time to throw the ball and had a huge push up front to make holes for AB and BJ. These guys need some praise because with all the question marks and injuries in recent weeks, they were the difference makers on O." -Larry Soprano-

"Snee truly does deserve the award this week. Yes, he had a couple of flags, but he also mauled the Cowboys, is the reason that Bradshaw isn’t just a good running back but the NFL rushing leader, and is absolutely vicious when pulling for counters and screens. In reality, Seubert was breat with the downfield blocking this week too, but Snee was just incredible." -Jerry Nicks-


ELI MANNING QB/OFFENSE- 35 Attempts - 25 Completions, 306 Yards, 4 TDS




                                                                       HONORABLE MENTIONS


MATT DODGE P/DEFENSE- 3 Punts, Long 69 Yards, Total Yards 169

"People wanted this guy run out of town, but what he does is get better and better and show off a booming leg that can outkick Duke Calhoun, who runs about a 4.1." -Rorschach44-


COREY WEBSTER CB/DEFENSE - 2 Solo Tackles, 1 Pass Defended




TERRELL THOMAS CB/DEFENSE -  4 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted Tackles, 1 Pass Defended

"Good coverage all day and he personified the defense today when he fought through a block and lifted Felix Jones up and threw him on the ground."  -matth313-


ANTREL ROLLE S/DEFENSE- 4 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted Tackles, 1 Pass Defended


RAMSES BARDEN WR/OFFENSE - 1 Reception- 22 Yards



VOTING NUMBERS SCALE:  F = 1.00 pts -  First Place Votes

                                                      R = 0.50 pts -  Runner-Up Votes

                                                      H = 0.25 pts - Honorable Mentions Votes



                                                              EAT YOUR WORDS 



  1. Bo$$man Houston Texans Fan (Inducted Week #5) For his comments in this post. Congratulations Bo$$man, you earned it!!
  2. CC Brown for all the garbage that he shoveled before and after the game. 

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