Near midseason, new predictions

So I thought now would be a good time to look at our old prediction (see here for a bunch) and revisit them. I'll specifically go into mine.

My predictions:

AFC East: 1) Patriots 2) Jets 3) Dolphins 4) Bills
AFC North: 1) Ravens 2) Bengals* 3) Steelers 4) Browns
AFC South: 1) Colts 2) Texans* 3) Titans 4) Jaguars
AFC West: 1) Chargers 2) Oakland 3) Broncos 4) Chiefs

NFC East: 1) Giants 2) Cowboys* 3) Eagles 4) Redskins
NFC North: 1) Vikings 2) Packers 3) Detroit 4) Bears
NFC South: 1)Buccaneers 2) Saints* 3) Falcons 4) Panthers
NFC West: 1) 49ers 2) Cardinals 3) Rams 4) Seahawks


The NFC West should forfeit their pick. The only reason I pick the 49ers is because they’re the least embarrassing.
Yes I did pick the Bucs. I like them for some reason. Plus, who ever finishes last in the NFC South the last year at the least makes the playoffs. Go ahead, look it up

AFC North I really didn’t know, I have no confidence in that pick.
NFC North also. I don’t think the vikes will do as good as last year, but I really think the packers are going to disappoint.
I didn’t want to choose the chargers again, but what choice is there?

NFC Conference Championship Game: Giants over Cowboys
AFC Conference Championship Game: Colts over Patriots

Superbowl: Giants over Colts
(I predict a Super Manning Bowl every year since I became a football fan)


by Willgfass on Sep 10, 2010 2:38 PM EDT

AFC East: Looking good, although I can see the Jets winning the division over the Pats

AFC North: Ugh. Put the Steelers there in first. Ravens second. Bengals really disappointing me. I wouldn't find it ridiculous if someone told me the browns would beat them out for third.

AFC South: I'm cutting ties with the Colts now. They probably get a wild card, but I think either Houston or the Titans are going to step up and wrestle the division away. The other will be outside looking in

AFC West: ROFLLLLLL. Stupid Chargers. Chiefs, Oakland, Broncos, Chargers -- new prediction.

NFC East: :)
Giants on top like expected, Cowboys can go have fun in last place. I'm putting the Redskins over the Eagles now.

NFC North: Begrudgingly I'll give it to the Packers. Not because they're good, but the rest are mediocre.

NFC South: Staying with it, but switching Falcs and Saints. The saints won't be in the playoffs. The buccs will win it!

NFC West: LOLL at my commentary. The seahawks are the least embarrassing. Followed by the Rams. Then the Cards and 49ers just suck.

Looking back on the analysis: The nfc west should still forfeit their pick. Yay for strange NFC Southness! My lack of confidence shows... And my hesitance for the chargers was well founded.

The wildcards will be say... Redskins and Falcons, and... Jets and Colts.

Playoffs: NFC Conference Championship: Giants over Falcons
AFC Conference Championship: Colts over Steelers

Superbowl: Giants over Colts in the super Manning Bowl
SB MVP: Eli (again)



Disclaimer: I'm doing this solely so I have something to come back to at the end of the season when I found out how stupid I was.

So have at it. Whatdya want to change from the beginning of the year now that we're "smarter"?

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