Prediction for the Rest of the Season for Big Blue

I took the liberty of looking over the schedule and came up with my own opinion of how the rest of our season will play out.  On a boring bye week and no Giants Football this weekend lets hear what you think is will happen and see who comes up with the most accurate prediction of the rest of our season.

After overlooking the schedule my personal view of it says we go at least 6-3 the rest of the way out and finish the season 11-5. That record is possibly good enough to win the NFC this year and earn home field throughout the playoffs. Here is my break down of games and how they will work out:

Week 9: Seattle:  This is one game that worries me coming out of a bye week playing in difficult Seattle with their 12th man on Defense.  I think we pull this one off and come out victorious to extend our win streak to 5 in a row.  Seattle has a good record on the season but I truly believe they are not actually as good as their record portrays.

Week 10: Dallas:  The win streak continues here as we visit the cemetery and like the classy organization that we are we decorate the Grave of the Romoless Cowgirls with beautiful flowers. May you Rest In Peace... on second thought nahhhhh we hope you die a miserable death HAHAHAHAHA

Week 11 and 15: Philadelphia:  Unfortunately I think we lose one of these two games.  The good news here is we at least get one of the two.  Philly always seems to show up and play well against us and we wont be able to win them both.

Week 12: Jacksonville:  Which Jag team will we get?  Will it be the team that showed up and beat the Colts? or The one that showed up and absolutely got demolished by Kerry Collins and the Titans?  I say we find the team that played the Titans. The only real weapon the Jags have is MJD and the way we have been playing the run we will shut him down taking away all of their offensive fire power and easily getting the win.

Week 13 and 17: Washington:  Here is tricky one! What is this team? Are they any good? I mean they have beat the Packers, Bears, Eagles, and started the Cowboys miserable season.  They even gave the Colts and Texans a big scare already this season losing both games by only 3 points in both games.  We can win both but may lose one here keep reading and I'll explain.

Week 14: Minnesota:  This one may very well depend on the health of the old man Brett Favre.  If he can stay healthy and with Sidney Rice’s return imminent they are dangerous and present a lot of fire power on offense.  They will possibly have the best group of Wide Receivers in the league with Moss, Rice, and Harvin. With AP and Favre that can put us in a hole.  As much as it pains me to say this I think we let another one get away up in Minnesota.  This by no means is a repeat of last year’s debacle we still challenge them in this game and just fall short. Maybe!!!

Week 16: Green Bay: Another team on the decline, but playing in Green Bay the day after Christmas is going to be tough.  Games in that stadium can get tough in late December or January.  I think we come out and win this one playing Giants football.  Run the ball and physical play on Defense.  There is no reason we can't beat this battered team to solidify our spot at the top of the NFC.

Just to review our three loses come at the hands of the Vikings, Eagles, and Redskins.  When week 17 comes around and we are playing a meaningless game in Washington with a record of 11-4,  Eli and company play the first half and we let this one get away.  No need risking injury going into the playoffs.  Of course depending on the situation we can beat the Vikings (Depending on the Favre situation) and Redskins. (if that game still has some relevance and determines our playoff position)  We can also come out flat and let Green Bay get the best of us Aaron Rodgers after all is still no slouch.

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