Giants' Fewell the Slaughterhouse 5

With the Cowboys' season hanging by a sling, the New York Giants delivered the knockout.  If Dallas was looking for a decisive moment to say goodbye to the season, it came on 10/25/2010 at 12:17 in the 2nd Quarter. 


Dallas QB Tony Romo became the latest victim of the Giants defense' blitzkrieg that has sent 4 quarterbacks to the sidelines during their 4 game winning streak.  Tony Dorsett said during the pregame--while predicting a Dallas win--that New York would be Frazier to the Cowboys' Ali ("Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier!!").  Well, he was right that someone would hit the mat and not get up.  Tony Romo's collarbone was broken by a streaking Michael Boley who drove Dallas' dream season into the ground.  Starting tomorrow, the Giants will start accepting "Thank You"s from the Eagles and Redskins for effectively making the NFC East Division title a 3-team race.  Not that the Giants needed help, however.

Since Tony Romo's end-zone interception to R.W. McQuarters that sealed the 2007 NFC Divisional game for the Giants, New York has beaten Dallas 4 of the last 5 times.  Impressively, this includes two straight victories in Texas.  The Giants Defense is rolling behind a fire-up defensive line that's sending QBs to the IR, a blitz happy DC, and a three-headed monster in the defensive backfield.  So what, NY Jets, if Revis (REEVISS!) is the best CB in the game?!  Why settle for one when you can have 3 at once?  Philips, Rolle, and Grant have blanketed receivers and given Osi and Tuck up front time to get to the QB. 

New York has shut down the run, not a single 100-yard rusher since week 3, and not one even close. And for the Cowboy's slobbering dauphin of a HC, who after every loss starts his postgame press conference by saying "Well, disappointing loss, obviously...", he could hang his hat on....Dallas special teams?  Doesn't matter.  Whatever Cabbage Patch Phillips says about how well his team played, they were woefully outplayed by the New York Giants.  In fact, it was the Giants' offense that kept both them and the Cowboys in this game.

The Giants had over 500 yards in total offense to the Cowboys' 200, or thereabouts.  And another enemy QB was sent to the New York slaugterhouse.  And now, at 5-2, the Giants will be headed for the Great Northwest, to take on the division-leading Seahawks.  Clean up the turnovers, Giants!  That'll make a tough team down-right terrifying, and just in time for Halloween, too.


The Slaughterhouse 5, accepting new member all season long:

1. Carolina QB Matt Moore

2. Bears QB Jay Cutler

3. Bears QB Todd Collins

4. Lions QB Shaun Hill

5. Cowboys QB Tony Romo

The New York Sack Exchange:

Justin Tuck: 4

Osi Umenyiora: 8

Barry Cofield: 3

Chris Canty: 1.5

Mathias Kiwanuka: 4

Deon Grant: 1

Michael Boley: 1

Jonathan Goff: 0.5

Aaron Ross: 1

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