Cowboys are not a great football team - the Giants are MUCH better

I look at this roster and how they've been playing, and I refuse to believe they are 'the best talent in the NFL' as their fans dub them to be.

Their defense is middle of the road. While they are ranked 4th in the NFL, I believe that is misleading. They have a very good defensive scheme led by Wade Phillips, but they lack playmakers. Their secondary is very average and is last in the league in generating turnovers (and they like to make plays for other team with those PI calls).

Spencer, Ware, and Ratliff are great players but other than those 3, the rest of their linebackers and defensive lineman are just OK to average. Marcus Spears? Bradie James? Keith Brooking? Igor olshansky? The best talent in the NFL? Give me a break. These guys are adequate and play well in wade phillips' scheme, but they're not great players by any means nevermind the fact the cowboys don't even have a linebacker that can play in coverage or sideline-to-sideline (besides ware).

Their secondary isn't very impressive either. Alan Ball? Gerald Sensabaugh? Orlando Scandrick? Mike Jenkins? The best talent in the NFL? That's a joke! These safeties are average and the corners are average besides Newman -- but that's even debatable because most teams don't throw at his side because whoever scandick and jenkins are covering is open more often than not.

Overall, their defense lacks the playmaking that is necessary to be considered a dominant defense. They get some sacks but that alludes more to the defensive scheme as Phillips and his staff do a great job of disguising coverages and blitzes which leads to sacks. Talent-wise they are not that great. I refuse to dub this unit as one of the best in the NFL. They are last in the league in turnovers.

Offensively, they're a great unit. But I'd still give us the advantage even though they average 20 yards more than the Giants per game.

QB -- Romo has a very quick release, can go through his progressions fast, and does a good job of anticipating receivers getting open. He plays behind to the other team which causes him to get big yards passing by playing catch-up, skewing his stats even more. Romo is the textbook definition of a fantasy QB. But the guy is NOT clutch. Similar to Rodgers, he can't win close games. He turns the football over in the most critical quarter of the game and is not a QB you can trust in a game winning drive. More often than not, he is going to miss open receivers or throw interceptions. Since the cowboys are going to be in a lot of close game this year due to a tough schedule, they're probably going to lose all of them. 6-10 on the year a long shot? I'd give the advantage to Eli here.

RB -- 3 headed monster? I don't know why Cowboys fans like to dub their trio of RBs the best in the NFL. Especially before the season? What has Tashard Choice accomplished in his career to merit him a great back? His stats are good, especially in blowout games, but lets wait until he starters more than 2 games before you cowboys fans can consider him a great RB if he were to start on any other team. Marion Barber, like Jacobs, is a short yardage back, but he's not the same back he was in 07. I'd take Jacobs over Barber any day of the week as Jacobs is much harder to tackle and gets more yards with his body.

Bradshaw vs Felix Jones? Bradshaw is the superior back by far. Felix Jones is a good home run threat when he's in the open field, and can be explosive when gets to the second level, but he's mediocre in other phases of his game. He's a dancer. Instead of picking up the easy 3 yards, he looks to cut it outside and try to get some big yards. He plays undisciplined and is not a great between the tackles runner. Bradshaw is amazing. Bradshaw is a power runner, extremely quick, runs over people twice his size, the runs downhill, he keeps his legs moving when getting tackled, very good inside and outside runner, very patient, extremely good acceleration, and so many other things. The only negative is that he gets tackled from behind on long runs but that's OK.

OL - I don't need to get into this. The Giants offensive line is much, much better. Self-explanatory and I think cowboy fans can agree with this.

WR - I'll give the cowboys the edge here. Hakeem Nicks is having a great season but due to the fact that miles austin has accomplished more in his career, I think he gets the edge. Steve smith is one of the best route runners in the league, but Williams is more of a playmaker. Manningham has really improved in his awareness and route running this year so I'll take him anyday of the week over Bryant who is more potential than anything at this point. Just like JPP, guy has huge upside.


All in all, I'd say we're the superior team. Our CB combination of Webster (for the cowboy fans that don't know, he was the best CB in the league 2 years ago), Thomas, and Ross is better than Jenkins, newman, and scandrick. Our safety combination of Phillips, Rolle, and Grant is by far and away absolutely superior to Alan Ball and Sensabaugh. Not many teams can boast 3 safeties like the Giants can and the cowboys secondary has no playmakers. We at least have a nickel LB in Boley who's excellent in coverage and two pretty good adequate linebackers in Bulluck and Goff who aren't quite far off with Bradie James and Brooking. Our defensive line depth and rotation is superior. Our offensive line is superior. Our QB can win close games even though he doesn't have a cannon arm and release, which I'll take anyday. Our RBs are consistent. Overall, I'd say we're the better team as we proved it Week 14 last year when the giants got the cowboys best and the cowboys got the giants best. Nevermind the fact that guys were hurt and we were playing safeties off the street (which really helped the cowboys in that game).

We have much better talent and are the better team. Giants should win big this Monday effectively ending Dallas' season.

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