Giants Defense spells Doom for Dallas

The cry from the Madison Avenue media--"throw the coach out, throw the quarterback out"--has been replaced with "throw the records out."  The Giants and the Cowboys, nothing else can add to this bitter division rivalry...except for one thing: put the game in primetime.  All Monday Night Football does is bring a match into the Giants-Cowboys barn house already filled to the brim with dynamite.  So throw the records out, it might as well be week 1.

Much has been made about the Cowboys' 1-4 start, with almost everyone in agreement that Dallas plays better than their record indicates.  And it isn't easy winning in Texas to begin with, I don't care how piss poorly the Cowboys play.  The key to a Giants victory is simple:  get to Tony Romo.  Behind a reinvigorated Giants defense, New York certainly has the personnel to bring big time pressure on Dallas under the big time lights of MNF. 

Statistics--though deceptive (see "2010 Cowboys)--still can be a useful metric to judge a team's strengths.  Since the Giants' turnaround in a Week 4 win over the then-unbeaten Bears, the Giants hallmark defense has grown together exponentially  And opposing quarterbacks have paid the price.

Week 1:  Carolina QB Matt Moore--Concussed and KOed

Week 4:  Bears QB Jay Cutler-- Concussed and KOed

                 Bears backup QB Todd Collins-- KOed

Week 5:  Texans QB Matt Schaub-- rendered irrelevant

Week 6:  Lions QB Shaun Hill--Broken arm and KOed

Year end numbers look like this.  So do sack totals:

Justin Tuck: 4

Osi Umenyiora: 8

Jonathan Goff: 0.5

Barry Cofield: 2

Chris Canty: 1.5

Aaron Ross: 1

Mathias Kiwanuka: 4

What is scary (to the opposition) is we're not even half way through the 2010 Season.  The Giants defense already has half the number of total sacks as all last year.  This in conjunction with a dominant Giants run defense that's yielding absolutely zero yards per carry against the oppositions' run game.  It's 1st or 2nd in the League.  When you do that, against some great running teams, boy that's saying something.  And the Cowboys should be put on notice already, since they don't like to run the ball or establish the run so far this season.

Statistics only I would care about:

1.  Osi Umenyiora, with his 2 forced fumbles against the Lions, already has 7 for the season.  More impressively, last week he surpassed Michael Strahan as the Giants' All-Time leader in FF with 25.  Aside from Strahan, no one else is even close in this category.

2.  Giants Defensive interceptions in 2009:  13

     Giants Defensive interceptions in 2010 (6 games): 7 

3.  Eli Manning's record at Dallas since 2004: 3-3

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