New York Giants Notes: Osi, Matt Dodge And That Mouthy Lions' Safety

Matt Dodge (6) of the New York Giants fumbles the ball in the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 17 2010 in East Rutherford New Jersey. Lawrence Jackson (94) of the Detroit Lions recovered the fumble. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Here is a little afternoon reading material for you, New York Giants fans. I know you still aren't done digesting the fact that the Giants are 4-2, and that team we play next week is just 1-4. So, while you start shifting gears to prepping for Monday against the Dallas Cowboys here are some stories to occupy you.

Osi Umenyiora has seven of his team-leading eight quarterback sacks in the last three games. On top of which, 11 of his last 15 sacks have been the "strip sack" variety, where he knocks the ball from the quarterback's grasp.

"A sack is just a tackle for a loss," a humbled Umenyiora said after the game. "That’s it, just a glorified tackle for a loss. If you’re able to get the ball out and force a turnover, you put the offense in the position to really help the team win."

I am C.C. Brown'ed to death, but here is one more gem from the clueless one after Sunday's game.

"They screwed me over here, and they know they did," Brown told The Post. "Anytime they want to come back and apologize for it, that's good -- because they know they screwed me over. That was my biggest motivation. I was going to prove them wrong [yesterday]."

In his post-game analysis, Paul Dottino of WFAN offers praise to Shaun O'Hara. I honestly had a difficult time judging how well O'Hara and Chris Snee played -- Ndamukong Suh is a monster. It was nice to have O'Hara out there, however.

Ernie Palladino says the Giants will have to be better next Monday night against the Cowboys. That's hardly a news flash. The Cowboys are 1-4, their season is slipping away, and they will be absolutely desperate for a victory.

Matt Dodge narrowly avoided disaster Sunday, and he knows his NFL career hangs in the balance every week. He is hoping to build off Sunday, though, when he hit several quality kicks after dropping the snap on his first attempt.

"I know any day the Grim Reaper can come pull me out of the cafeteria," he said. "I don't think there's any player in the NFL that doesn't worry about his job. It's a cutthroat business, so unless you're Eli [Manning], that's about the only guy I can think of [in the Giants' locker room], I think he'll be all right.

"It's a whole new beast, the NFL," Dodge said. "In college, I got comfortable. I was confident. I felt like even if I didn't have a great punt, I was like, 'I'm still the best punter in the nation.

"That's the way I felt every time I went out. I get here and you're kind of bottom of the barrel, so I definitely had to humble myself this year, go back to basics."

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