Giants breaking records, and Opposing Quarterbacks

The last time the New York Giants defeated the Chicago Bears in New York/New Jersey, Richard M. Nixon was President of the United States (bonus points or kudos to the one who remembers Nixon's middle name first).  1969.  41 years.  When the Giants traveled to Houston and knocked off the Texans the following week, it was their first win in that city since 1994- when Dan Reeves was head coach.  On Sunday, they face the Detroit Lions, who last lost to New York in the Meadowlands in 1990.  While this Giants team is as yet unused to setting records on the road or at home--compared to the 2007 Giants--one thing is clear:  this New York squad has had no trouble breaking these (miserable) losing streaks.  

If that weren't enough, in 5 games the Giants defense has concussed or cold-cocked 3 quarterbacks.  Anyone remember what Carl Banks, one of the captains of the Super Bowl XXV team said about the '90 Giants?  There was a stretch during that season where starting quarterbacks couldn't finish the game against Big Blue.  This year, it could almost be 4 QBs kayoed (Shaub wasn't knocked out, but he might as well have been, I think Matt Moore had a better day against New York). 

I think this little bit of history is worth knowing, particularly now that the focus rightly so has been on the performance of the defense.  I sense, someone can fact check this, that we're getting many more interceptions and fumble recoveries this year than last--though with offensive turnovers the ratio is skewed.  On defense we don't have any griping over the starting lineup, sideline confrontations between players and coaches, no threats of walking off the team.  So in short, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry.  Notice this season how piss poorly the Redskins and Cowboys have been playing on one side of the ball or the other, and that should tell you how important, yet elusive, playing as a team really is.

By the Numb3rs for Sunday, October 17 vs. Detroit Lions:

54--Number of passing yards needed for Eli Manning to join Phil Simms as the only Giants quarterbacks in franchise history to record at least 20,000 yards.

2--Number of forced fumbles Osi Umenyiora needs for the rest of the season to become the Giants All-Time leader in that category, surpassing Michael Strahan (24).

1.6--Average number of TDs needed per game by Hakeem Nicks to surpass Homer Jones (13) and into first place on the Giants All-Time list of single season touchdown receptions.



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