Tom Quinn, 10.14.10

Q: Has taking the holding duties away from Matt Dodge helped relax him at all?
A: It'll help him. He has to focus on one job.

Q: How'd Sage Rosenfels do last week?
A: Pretty good. Good hands, confidence. He's used to running a huddle and handling guys at the line of scrimmage, so it's easy for him to do.

Q: Was that Matt's best game, and was it because of him not holding?
A: I don't think that played into it or anything. Yeah, they're two different jobs so one doesn't carry into the next.

Q: How do you get the return stuff going? Coverage has improved:
A: Just have to keep pressing, keep working. The kickoff return has been a lot better than punt return. Punt return is not doing much of anything there. Have to keep working on it and hope we get one. Just keep doing what we're doing on kickoff return.

Q: Are you not getting enough of a hole on punts?
A: It's a little combination of everything. We're pretty aggressive on fielding balls, so we're catching everything there. It's one factor, and you have to do a better job. Last week, the hang time and distance were very, very good so it's hard to get anything going.

Q: Are opposing teams paying a lot of attention to Jason Pierre-Paul?
A: I don't know because all schemes call for someone to be doubled. A lot of times, it's him, but they'll change it around.

Q: Is he better on special teams than you even anticipated?
A: He's been good. We didn't use him at all in the preseason, but he's very willing, conscientious, and he's got a very good skill set. It's a good combination to have.

Q: Ramses Barden almost blocked a punt last week, is that probably the best way to contribute on special teams?
A: He's got to be able to do everything, but one of his better teams is punt return. It fits his profile as far as size and speed. He does a good job there.

Q: What's the determining factor in putting someone like Jonathan Goff on special teams?
A: It's the use of the 45-man roster and the best guys from the team out there. You can't use them all, but he's a guy who has played on kickoff and him and Michael (Boley) alternate that spot. So they're both out there. It's what they do well, so it's just trying to highlight that on punt return.

Q: How are the Lions on special teams?
A: Very good. They have a very good group, and I call them the Detroit All-Stars because they took what seems like the best special teams players from each team, and now they're all on one team. They're very effective. They've got a very good returner who was with Pittsburgh last year (Stefan Logan), and he's tough. He runs hard and is extremely quick, and they do a very good job blocking for him.

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