Justin Tuck, 10.14.10

Q: How important is it to improve as a defense every week? You guys have had two fantastic weeks back-to-back.
A: It's very important. I think obviously you never want to be stagnant. If you're stagnant, someone's either catching up with you or they're passing you. So we just go out there every day and work on the things we're not doing well and try to improve those, and the things we are doing well, we try to do them even better.

Q: As a defensive captain, is it important for you to hone in on that with various players on this squad?
A: I mean regardless if I was captain or not, it would be important. So, yes.

Q: You guys have a bit of an opportunity this week with Detroit. What do you look at in terms of continuing your trajectory and what that might mean going on to the rest of the season?
A: I don't know if we changed anything. We've got an opportunity every week. That's how we approach it. Detroit isn't any different from last week as far as the opportunity goes. We understand that we've got to still play a great game to get a win out here. They're playing well, and they were the more confident team last week when they were 0-4. Now they've got a win behind them. Obviously they definitely want to keep the good times rolling in Detroit. For us, it's all business and it's all about what we do. We can only control that, and we've just got to go out there and play our game to make sure that we don't come out lackadaisical or thinking that these are the Lions of old. This is going to be a hard-fought game and I expect it to be all four quarters.

Q: Are you aware of their road losing streak?
A: Nope.

Q: They've lost 23 straight games on the road.
A: Just trying to make it 24.

Q: You're not aware of it, but when a team is losing or winning, there's a certain pressure to not be that team.
A: Yeah.

Q: Is there certain pressure to not be that team?
A: It's the same pressure not to be that team any week. It's no different in the fact that they had won 23 straight or lost 23 straight - we're still approaching it the same way.

Q: Jahvid Best leads the NFC in yards after the catch. What is it about him that allows him to break tackles?
A: He's a small back, very quick and elusive. He reminds me of our 44 (Ahmad Bradshaw). I think his low center of gravity and just the fact that sometimes he can get behind those blockers on screens and things like that and you don't even see him. And then his burst is probably one of the best in the league as far as going from one point to the other one. He does a great job of seeing the defense before he gets to a move. I've seen the little jump-hop he does - I mean he's made guys look bad. So the first thing we've got to do is just run to the football and make sure that we get more than one guy tackling him at the same time. Then if we're there by ourselves, make sure that we break down and just fundamental tackling - that's going to be huge in this game.

Q: Barry Cofield is playing at a very high level.
A: Barry is probably our most consistent defensive lineman. I don't know his streak of consecutive games, but ever since he's been here I think he's missed one game and that was because the coach sat him down. So he's a tough kid, and he's just continuing to work on things and everyone knows about how good he is against the run, but this year he's definitely improved his pass rushing abilities. I really feel as though he's a true strength for this defense.

Q: It seems like he's always gotten pushed out of the way. They bring in free agents. They draft guys at his position, but he's still hanging in there.
A: Well, that's the reason why he's been the starter here for four straight years and he's being physical. There's a reason behind that. He's a great football player, and whatever reason there is behind the fact that they keep bringing defensive tackles in, I don't know. Maybe they just like depth around here on the D-Line. But as far as I go, I probably feel more confident about him lining up beside me than I do any other guy.

Q: You just said he's a "great football player." "Great" is not a word associated with him. That's a hard word to live up to. Why is he great?
A: Because he does all the small things that people don't notice. All the stuff you all do notice, that's good and dandy. But the things you all do not know are tremendous. The things that he allows other people to do as far as taking on the double team or being unselfish on a rush and allowing Osi (Umenyiora) to kind of go get our sacks and things like that. I really put a high regard on a person like that because he kind of lives in our shadows sometimes. We're kind of like the big name guys, I guess, and it's harder for him to kind of break that spotlight. And he doesn't mind it. He just goes out there about his business, and I think that's a lot harder than what I have to do everyday.

Q: Because if the deal could have been worked out with the Saints, he wouldn't have been here.
A: And that would have been tragic.

Q: Strong words.
A: I'm full of strong words today. Keep talking about Barry Cofield, and I'll give you some more strong words.

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