I say bring on the Jets

        From those power rankings Ed Valentine just showed us, clearly it is gonna take a little time for the Jints to get the respect they deserve-they remain the Rodney Dangerfield of football.

         Not only are the Jets #1 in the rankings but the Giants at #12 still trail both the Bears and Texans who they annhilated. Clearly these rankings have not caught up.  The Giants got no respect  right back to the preseason. They was of course lots of talk about the Jets; in the NFC East you heard about Dallas and Philadelphia, nothing about the Giants.

          What's interesting about this season, is a lot of the teams that were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders have fizzled at least so far. The Saints look like anything but repeat champions right now, Dallas is 1-3, none of the teams in the NFC Central-Packers, Bears, Vikings-look unbeatable. Right now the Atlanta Falcons are looking like one of the best teams in the conference.

           Don't get me wrong, I know it's much too early for talk of a super bowl, However it is interesting to note that I can't think of one NFC team this year who is so clealry head and shoulders above the rest-like the Saints were last year-that you can't even imagine the Giants having a shot against them.

           As for the Jets I have never been a fan but, yes, they look pretty good so far. As many teams in the AFC have also disappointed-till now anyway-the conference looks fairly wide open too. The Colts and Chargers don't seem to have their old stuff and who knows what to make of the Patriots who don't have the defense they used to and just gave away Moss for a 3rd rounder? I know he hadn't been producing up to his old standard but just having him on the field makes teams have to change their game plan. And of course the Jets already beat the Patriots.

            So who can beat the Jets in the AFC? The best hope-I say hope cause I don't want the Jets anywhere near the Super Bowl-is probably Pittsburgh-4-1 and they get Ben back soon- and maybe Baltimore.

             It's way premature but-in a speculatve way not meant too seriously as we're 5 games in-right now, a subways Super Bowl is imaginable. And while the Jets are held in much higher regard right now in expectations, I say bring on the Jets. Cause I think we can beat them. Going by statistical rankings-obviously only one way of looking at it and yards mean nothing without points-the Giants are ahead of the Jets in both total defense-here they're #1-and total offense-#5. Beyond that we'v seen a Giants team take apart two of the leagues highly regarded teams and I think that the way the defense has played "even" Sanchez would have something to worry about..

            Truth is I would take a game with the Jets right now. And even if we did meet them in the Super Bowl and they won that would only be their second NFL title and the Giants would still have 6. So the Jets would stil have a lot of work even then to truly equal the record of this storied franchise.

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