And The Week # 5 Winners Are...

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12 Recs, 130 Yds, 2TDs Long 27

Vote Tally: 14F  =  Vote Total: 14.00


BBVer Comments:

"Hakeem Nicks hands down best player on the field today."  -wangstu13- 

"Hakeem Nicks, and Osi Umenyiora. Two weeks in a row these guys have been playing on a higher level than the rest of the league."  -Tito (Eight and oh)-



2 Sacks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 2 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle 1 Pass Defended

Vote Tally: 6F 3RU = Vote Total: 7.50


BBVer Comments:

"This week though, Osi showed us glimpses of LT with 2 forced fumbles as well as 2 sacks. I think it’s safe to say he’s back to his All-Pro form from before his knee injury."  -Jerry Nicks-

"Best way to be a starter is to play like a starter. I liked hearing Moose criticize Osi for falling for a play-fake and crashing on the run in the first half! It was a pleasant change from the all outside, all the time Osi of the past couple years"  -BitterEli-





42 Attempts 27 Completions, 297 Yds, 3 TDs

Vote Tally: 5RU 3H = Vote Total: 3.25


BBVer Comments:

"Eli was deadly accurate in the first half..." -wangstu13-




 3 Solo Tackles, 1 Interception 1 Pass Defended

Vote Tally:  6F 4H  Vote Total: 6.50


BBVer Comments:

"...Corey Webster shut down a hobbled Andre Johnson."  -Wangstu13-

"Webster got the first-quarter interception that helped the Giants establish a big early lead."  -Ed-



                                                  HONORABLE MENTIONS


STEVE SMITH WR/OFFENSE - 6 Receptions, 89 Yds, 1 Td  


JOHNATHAN GOFF LB/DEFENSE - 1 Solo Tackles, 1 Pass Defended


JUSTIN TUCK   DE/DEFENSE - 4 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted Tackle, 1 Sack


AHMAD BRADSHAW RB/OFFENSE -  16 Attempts, 67 Yds, 3 Receptions, 22 Yds, 0 Fumbles

"Bradshaw … this dude is just viciously trying to not be tackled."  -Simm-McConkey-


CHRIS CANTY DT/DEFENSE - 2 Solo Tackles, 1 Pass Defended

"Canty for the initial blocked pass that set the tone"  -Willgfass-


TERRELL THOMAS CB/DEFENSE - 5 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle, 1 Pass Defended



"honorable mentions – ...and kenny phillips for toughing it out and playing" -GiantsRiegnSupreme-


ANTERL ROLLE S/DEFENSE - 5 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle

"He lays the hits, stops the runs and scares WRs from laying out to make catches on deep balls" -FreeBradshaw-


JASON PIERRE-PAUL DE/DEFENSE - 2 Solo Tackles, 1 Pass Defended

"...but JPP's physical presence was undeniably felt. Both of those tackles came on special teams when he simply blew down the middle of the field on kickoffs and made plays."  -Ed-



"DAVID DIEHL!!! Mario Williams?? Where were you brah??? For all the shit Diehl’s been taking this year I didn’t hear him mentioned once on Sunday, except for when he got hurt. He came back injured and STILL played a vital roll in keeping Eli off his ass."  -Tito (Eight and oh)-

"it seemed that he had a hamstring injury that probably could’ve cost him the game, but he came back and still was solid."  -FreeBradshaw-



VOTING NUMBERS SCALE:  F = 1.00 pts -  First Place Votes

                                                      R = 0.50 pts -  Runner-Up Votes

                                                      H = 0.25 pts - Honorable Mentions Votes



                                                              EAT YOUR WORDS 



  1. Bo$$man Houston Texans Fan (Inducted Week #5) For his comments in this post. Congratulations Bo$$man, you earned it!!

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