Giants Vs Texans Game Review: Are the Giants now a Contender?


The Giants had arguably their best game of the year embarrassing the 3-1 Texans, achieving their first back-to-back wins since early 2009. The Giants controlled all phases of the game, dominating on Offense, Defense and surprisingly, Special teams. Eli opened up the offense, picking apart the Houston secondary; the defense found a way to shutdown both the leagues leading rusher and best receiver, while the special teams didn’t make any mistakes. Amazing. Now proudly standing at 3-2 with a soft schedule before their bye, the Giants currently have as good a chance as any to win the NFC east, and prove themselves as contenders, view the ratings after the jump...




Against one of the best D-lines and pass rusher’s in the game, the Giants O-line a led and LT David Diehl respectively had an outstanding game. The O-line opened holes for the Gmen’s power running game and gave Eli time to throw. Out of the starting 5, I have to single out Diehl. He had the assignment of guarding the best DE in the game, Mario Williams and by far exceeded expectations, limiting him to not even a QB hit.


Brandon Jacobs

Jacobs reminded us of his old self, when he bulldozed through the line of scrimmage and broke countless tackles. Whatever he did to prepare for this week, let’s hope it continues because Giant football is played one way, defense and power running.



The D-line once again had a terrific game, and is quietly turning into one of the best units in the game. This week they played with gap discipline shutting down Arian Foster, and some penetration stopping plays before they began. Umenyora seemed un-blockable, using his athleticism to get around the edge, and get 2 sacks and force fumbles. Tuck, the jack-of-all-trades impacted on all facets of defense, had 2 tackles for loss, 2 qb hits and a sack. Canty and Cofield who control the middle, pushing the pocket and stuffing the run, do not get the credit they deserve. 


 Jonathan Goff

In my eyes, the past two weeks Goff has proven himself worthy of the MLB job. Unlike Pierce, Goff has show a great physical presence, exploding through the hole making plays against the run and has shown some mobility making a diving pass deflections against Daniels. He has brought a mean streak to this defense and has the ability to control the Giants defense, calling the plays as a Vanderbilt grad. Just like with the receivers, Reese has proved me wrong; this guy is the real deal after all.


View the full article on the bleacher report by clicking the link below...


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