Faith Some More: Giants Recharged with Coughlin Fewell.



In August of 2007, I was a junior leaning over my balcony at the University of San Francisco.  Across the courtyard was my friend on his balcony.  He was a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, and I knew that, but he asked me anyway who I felt had the best chance at Super Bowl XLII?  I said, "Dude, I'm telling you, you'll think I'm nuts, but the Giants have a good a chance as anyone."  "You're a Giants fan!" he replied, "Of course you'll say that.  How about my Vikings?"  

"Yeah," I said, but I didn't back down from my earlier opinion, "but the Giants always hang around in games, clutching victory from the jaws of defeat.  I wouldn't be surprised, especially since they've been to the playoffs the past two years."

Well, I didn't have Direct TV, and living on the Left Coast, prevented me from watching most of New York's horrible performances that year.  But 21 years was a long time to wait, and I didn't have to anymore:  the Giants were once again world champs the very night I celebrated my 21st birthday.  And that friend from San Francisco?  Well, I'm Nostradamus so far as he's concerned.

The purpose of this anecdote is simple:  I believe that the 2010 Giants have a better team compiled than in '07 and '08, and if It took two terrible performances to right their ship, I'm on board for the ride.  3 years ago, New York's win in Washington seemed benign, but it jump-started the turnaround.  Who's to say we didn't witness the same thing this week against Houston? 

Strahan said following the 2007 Championship that believing in the coaches' system will make you a winner. Maybe it took a few weeks for the Giants Defense to buy into Fewell's system, to build on their chemistry, and their pride.  Their offensive weapons gathered, a running game with two very pissed off backs, and a defense that's allowed 1 touchdown in two games to the 2 best offenses in the league:  what isn't their to smile about?


By the Numb3ers--Keep these in mind for next week and the rest of the season:

  • 54 - Passing yards needed by Eli Manning to join Phil Simms as the only Giants QBs in franchise history to throw for at least 20,000 yards.
  • 8 - Touchdowns needed by Hakeem Nicks to surpass Homer Jones as the Giants All-Time single season leader in receiving touchdowns.
  • 1 - Wins needed by Tom Coughlin to surpass Jim Fassel and into 3rd-best on the Giants All-Time coaching victories list. 

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