BBVer's New York Giant Players of The Week/ Week # 5

CHANGES: "HONORABLE MENTIONS" and "RUNNER-UP" Sections have been added. Now, you can give your First and Second choices respectively for the "WINNERS" and "RUNNER-UPS" sections and praise any additional players who you feel deserve credit for their lesser contributions in the "HONORABLE MENTIONS" section; however, there is a three players limit for this section.

Also, it is now your privilege to leave comments along with any of your selections. I will be including select comments from voters in all of the forthcoming "AND THE WEEK # ? WINNER IS..." posts to give some eccentricity to the series.

Because of the extra information that I will be providing (i.e. stats, comments, etc. ) results will now be published on Tuesdays at a 6pm EST deadline.


Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the beginning of the game and missed the Giants score their first 24 points because I was at work where a television with a Giants game on is not an easy find. I was able to catch 3/4 of the third quarter on the radio and then the rest of the game on TV when I got home. It doesn't matter though, the Giants dominated. They looked good on Offense, aside from the Eli's mental blackouts with the bad passes, and the Defense basically picked up where they left off last week. This is how I expect this talent to play. This is why I become upset when they perform below standards. The sweetest thing about all of this is a Texans fan by the name of BO$$MAN was officially inducted into the "Eat Your Words"  club and was unanimously nominated president by all of his peers. Good for you dude!! (two thumbs up with a cheezy smile on my face for ya!)

For those of you who are visiting this Fan-post mini-series for the first time, this is an opportunity for you to voice you support in favor of the New York Giants players whose performance you thought stood out from among all of the others in this week's game. 

A name is all that is necessary but you can give a reason as to why you believe that the player that you have chosen should get the nod. To make my job a little easier and if you like, you can format your selections in the following manner:


Second Choice:           OFFENSIVE PLAYER                  DEFENSIVE PLAYER

Honorable Mentions:                     PLAYERS NAMES AND COMMENTS


Once again, Congratulations to HAKEEM NICKS and OSI UMENYIORA our week # 4 winners.


Lions vs Giants coverage

Pride Of Detroit





FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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