Why I Constantly Praise Eli Manning...





   What's up to all my true Blue Giants fans out there. If you've read some of my comments on The Real Manning brother, you would probably think I want to take the guy on a man-date. Well the the truth is, I really do. But that's besides the point. The fact of the matter is Eli Manning deals with more crap than any player in the history of the NFL. I mean you would think that Eli is the worst quarterback in the league (or at least in our own division) the way that most sports analysts and fans conveniently forget to mention the many mistakes that virtually everyone on the offense contributes to on the football field, and how just because his last name is Manning (not first name Peyton) he too can't be a great QB.    

  There are a lot of QBs in the league who got drafted and were ready to hit that gridiron and show what they were made of. The first thing that comes from Eli on draft day is that he would never want to play in San Diego. That was a classic display of someone being forthright, and completely honest about a situation they obviously wouldn't feel comfortable in, and with that GM...who the hell could blame him? I still to this day think that had San Diego not traded him (which no one ever forced them to do if I'm not mistaken) he would have suited up for them, because as we all know Eli is nothing but class.

    On the other hand though, it hasn't been all good for Eli in NY. Of course everyone knows that he brought home a Lombardi Trophy to NYC, and I definitely tip my hat to him for that. Hell...I'll give him all my hats for that, because what the hell else could you ask out of a franchise quarterback? Brett Favre only got one, and he seems to be doing pretty good for himself. But you also have to remember, he only took us to the playoffs four consecutive years, before failing this team and all it's fans by having his best statistical season without a running game, and a regressing offensive line. Even with just about the worst defense in Giants history, he was only able to lead us to an 8-8 record...for shame Eli...for shame. But now that it's a new season, let's remember to not be irrational or overreact, and realize we still have 13 FRICKIN GAMES to turn this season around.  Yes we looked bad week 2, really bad, and yes we beat the living crap out of ourselves week 3...but this team has talent, and I'm not quite ready to say this will be (only) the second year Eli misses the playoffs just yet.

     Eli is a great quarterback. I'm not gonna totally praise the guy, because you can't just win a Super Bowl/Super Bowl MVP, make it to the playoffs 4 out of 5 years, start every mother f*&^*&% game of your career with planter faciwhatever, a dislocated shoulder, or any other nagging injuries the Giants FO has decided to hide from us and think Mr. Tito over here is gonna call you a HOFer.... Nope, I don't think so. I'm from Jersey, and we don't pump our own gas. Where I'm from you have to show up and prove it again and again. It's all about what have you done lately,  not what you've done before. It's the same way in the NFL. Some guys catch the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, and then the very next season they shoot themself in the leg.

    Back to Eli and his good year last year, those numbers are telling of just how much he has improved (again considering he had virtually no running game, and a regressing offensive line). Some will say it was due throwing the ball more frequently, but as Ghost (I believe?) has mentioned before, he did not eclipse career highs in attempts last year, in fact he threw the second least ammount of times in his career. Some will say that he did it in meaningless garbage time, but as my man FrankB03 pointed out...this was also not the case:


Week 6 vs Saints down 24 after the 3rd qtr we score 10 4th qtr points
Week 7 vs Cards down 10 – 4th qtr points=3
Week 8 vs Eagles down 16 – 4th qtr points=0
Week 9 vs Chargers down 7 – 4th qtr points 13 (none were garbage time)
Week 12 Broncos down 10 – 4th qtr points = 0
Week 13 Cowgirls UP 4 – 4th qtr points = 10 (more garbage time points) sarcasm
Week 14 Eagles down 6 – 4th qtr points = 7
Week 16 Panthers DOWN 31 – 4th qtr points = 6
Week 17 Vikings DOWN 44 – 4th qtr points = 7


    So, on that note I'm gonna tell you what I think would help Eli go from a great QB to a HOF one. First, He DEFINITELY needs a little bit of help from his WRs. It sucks that most analysts (and some "fans" for that matter) don't actually watch the games, than they peak at the box score and see Eli has the number of interceptions that he does and think they are all his mistakes...but if Nicks, Smith, Barden, Manningham, and Bradshaw can make some of these plays they're effin' up right now (and I believe they can) his numbers will be through the roof. Second, Eli needs to work on talking to the coaches about getting him some help on the offensive line. I mean, all the defenses have to do is field a decent speed rusher on Diehl, and Eli will be throwing off his ass for most of the day. I know they did a decent job against TEN, but the game against IND was so bad, we just can't have that again. Try being a bit creative ala Tom Brady, maybe re-structure your contract or start filling Reeses head with thoughts of drafting a left tacle with the 32nd pick next year. Third, Eli just has to continue doing exactly what he's doing. He's consistently improved each and every year in every facet of the game even though he's lost a HOF running back, a top 10 tight-end, and his number one and two wide recievers from his first four seasons. The man had four consecutive playoff years, 5 consecutive years of 3,000+ yards and 20+ Tds (something only Brady, the other Manning, Brees, Marino, and Favre have also done) a Super Bowl win, a Super Bowl MVP, an Iron Man Streak, a Pro Bowl, and on top of all that he loves beating the shit out of  the Cowboys.

   So on that note (again?) let me hear your two cents about why you love or hate the way Eli has played with the Giants so far this season. Maybe you're a realist like me, or you're just another one of those Manning haters that don't know a good thing when it puches them in the mouth. I'd like to hear what you have to say. Everyone's entitled to their own matter how dumb it is.

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