The Best Offensive player at Senior Bowl practice (DEXTER MCCLUSTER)

Here's what Tony Pauline had to say on about some of the performances this week by a few of the prospects participating in the Senior Bowl.

Dexter McCluster, the RB out of Mississippi, was his choice for the best offensive player during Senior Bowl practices this past week.

"McCluster presented himself as the jack-of-all-trades in Mobile and someone who mastered all the applied trades. He was explosive carrying the ball, making defenders miss and creating yardage while also running hard on the inside. He was also a game-breaking pass catcher who sprinted past opponents down the sidelines. All that's left is for McCluster to showoff his return abilities during the game. He's improved his draft stock at least 30 slots and could now hear his name called as soon as the early portion of Round 2."

I know there has been a lot of debate here on BBV as to whether or not we need to address the RB position in the upcoming draft and if so, in what round. I'm a big McCluster fan and I think hew would be a great pick up. If he impresses during the Senior Bowl game, and puts up some great combine numbers, He will definitely be taken in the 2nd. I think he would be a great 2nd round pick for Big Blue because he will a dress 2 big concerns for us heading into next season.

1. He would add coveted depth to our oft-injured RB's, and would certainly be the most explosive.

2. He can handle the kick/punt return duties, which would be a big improvement over Hixon, and then we can finally cut Hixon or maybe trade him to Al Davis for a 2nd rounder! If only...

Pauline also talked about the most disappointing player.

"Taylor Mays/S/USC: For Mays the week turned into a potpourri of skills he's likely to struggle with in the NFL; he'll struggle handling man-to-man coverage assignments and struggle making plays sideline-to-sideline as a true NFL centerfielder. Mays is still a legitimate prospect for the next level but the limitations he displayed this week will reduce the number of teams wanting to acquire him in April."


No surprise there. So please no more talk of trying to turn this guy into a LB. T o t a l  W a s t e!

Another prospect we've talked about, Safety Myron Rolle, earned an honorable mention as one of the most suprising players.

"Honorable Mention: Myron Rolle/S/Florida State: Rolle certainly did not look like someone who has not played football in over a year. He never embarrassed himself on the field. In fact by weeks end he was making plays and playing at a higher level than many of his teammates."


Not bad for the Rhodes Scholar.


Pauline only saw one first-round lock out of the seniors who attended practices this week.

"Just one player, Penn State's Jared Odrick, leaves the week as a certain first-round choice."

I thought you guys might find some of this interesting.

Check out the article

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