Perry Fewell on Sirius NFL Radio

Tuesday morning 7 a.m. just listened to our new DC interview. Two quick things: 1. He's up and working at 7 a.m. at the end of January, and 2. Don't expect much here, the guy talks like a HC and plays it close to the vest.

Re: Tampa 2 -- Fewell was asked what kind of defense he runs, specifically, Tampa 2 cover? He said it depends on the personnel. That you run what suits your players' strengths best. SO perhaps we're wrong trying to fit pegs in holes when we think about team building. He referred to aggression on defense being the best counter at times to these new aggressive offenses and says you have to really attack as a D.

*I think based on these comments, which I'm not fully representing great, that the Giants' (unrealized) strengths at pass rush (Sintim, Osi, Tuck, Kiwanuka) and his multiple references to being aggressive means we might expect a more blitz-heavy scheme next year.*

He ducked a question about linebackers. When asked what the LB of the Giants immed. future is going to look like he just referred to the Giants history of having great LBs... which makes you think he hasn't watched a NY game for a while! However, he basically said that the personnel staff will be acquiring and drafting largely without his influence/input. He made it sound as though you scheme a D based on the players you're given.

He says he chose the Giants over other offers because they have (a) a great offense, which makes defenses better, and (b) strong personnel, especially the "front 4 ... front 7 or 8" meaning the D-Line, which we hope he can get mroe out of than a certain Miami LB coach did. he then threw a bone to the LBs and secondary saying they're good personnel too but it soundded like he didn't want to only flatter the DL.

A lot of fans here talk about Coughlin being behind the times. Fewell said one thing he admires about Coughlin is that he stays on top of the trends in the league.

He also talked a ton about attitude. Interviewer said his players love him and would run through a wall for him. Fewell says that having the right attitude and team mentality is the key to any success. *I agree the Giants were a mental mess this year and that has to improve!*

Lastly he made it sound as though the remaining D-coaching staff might be secure, or he may have just been keeping quiet. He said he and Coughlin were working together on finding a D-line coach and that otherwise the coaching staff was very good, secondary & other coaches with rings or multiple rings. Said his first order of business is not player evaluation but rather getting on the same page with the coaching staff, especially in terms of language and terminology.

Lot of flattering references to "New York Football Giants" and "Giants Football" including his reasons for coming and the way they want to restore this D.

Like I said, good interview but not a ton of info. I hope the attitude gets back and he's able to use what I think is a talent-ripe defense. Let the Fewell era begin!

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