DT prospects

I think most people agree that DT and S are the two positions that killed us this year
With Kenny Philips hopefully coming back i think we need to focus on the DT in the first round and then grab a saftey in the second.

After that we shore up the Oline and find some versatile linebackers and i think we are fine.

Here are the top DT prospects and thier descriptions from


1. Ndamukong Suh, Senior, Nebraska- anyone who has seen this kid play know that he is the man. While he may seem small at 295 lbs. He is quick, he is smart, and he can disrupt every facet of the opponents offensive attack
2. Gerald McCoy, Junior, Oklahoma- The real story is it is these two guys and everyone else. He is an impact player in every facet of a defense. He beats one on one blocks with top quickness and excellent handwork. This kid is the real deal
3. Terrence Cody, Senior, Alabama- at 373 he is massive, and has rare strength to fend off double teams, and still get a hand free to make tackles. He will need to slim down some for the NFL, since some scout feel he doesn’t keep himself in good enough shape
4. Jared Odrick, Senior, Penn State- May be a little under the radar, but has strength, quickness, and ability to be a very consistent every down player in the NFL. He is very quick off the snap, and takes on o-lineman aggressively
5. Arthur Jones, Senior, Syracuse- When he is at his best he has the talent to be a game changing force. He bursts off the snap, and shoot the gaps to take on any O-lineman willing to get in his way.
6. Tyson Alualu, Senior, Cal- He uses quickness and agility to defeat blockers and make play on the move. Has the speed to chase down the play, and uses good hand technique to get around blockers
7. D’Anthony Smith, Senior, Louisiana Tech- A very good athlete, he has the quickness to come down the field on every single play. He has the strength to be a dominant bull rusher. Needs to work on his technique, and his consistency 
8. Dan Williams, Senior, Tennessee- He is not a flashy player, and will not get the sacks or tackles of some of the others on this list. But he is a interregnal part of the Tennessee Defense, and for teams that need a NT he will be high on their list.
9. Lamarr Houston, Senior, Texas- his best attribute is that he played both tackle and end in College, and can play any line position in a 4-3 defense. Teams can scheme for him to rush from multiple positions, and in today’s NFL that makes him valuable
10. Vince Ognobaase, Senior, Duke- He is very agile, but needs to work on his strength to become a dominant DT in the NFL. He knows this and has been working on it. The thing he has, speed is not something that can be taught or learned.


Most of the top 4 should be picked in the first round but that could change after the combine.

Dan Williams sounds alot like jay Ratliff  to me (who made the pro bowl)

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