Giants' safety Aaron Rouse, 09.25.09

Q. A lot of people were surprised that you were released. Were you one of them?

A. Oh, most definitely. As of right now, I try not to figure out why. My focus now is being here with the Giants and how I can contribute to keeping a winning tradition going.

Q. Did you ask them when it happened, why?

A. No. When it happened, of course, I was surprised, but I wasn’t trying to find answers. Immediately my focus went forward, to continue to play in the NFL and the Giants were right there. Now my focus is here and getting the win down in Tampa and continue winning.

Q. It is hard to come to a team that has already started its season. What are your expectations in terms of what you will be able to contribute?

A. I am looking to contribute what I can. Come in and get on the same page as the other players out there. Making sure that we are all on the same level. Anytime you come into a team where the season has already started, you are going to be a step behind, but the coaches and the team are doing a great job of making me feel welcome. Again, I have a lot of meetings and I have to put in a lot of hours.

Q. It has been 24 hours only, but are there things about the defense that seem very familiar to you?

A. Oh, most definitely. You know the defense is pretty much the same, it’s the terminology that is totally different. You have to get used to terminology and when you figure out things, oh yeah that is the same, but we called it something different. So you just have to get the terminology down and get ready for the coverage.

Q. Clearly you have to be ready for Sunday’s game. Do you feel that you can be ready for it with only a few days to prepare?

A. Oh, most definitely. Again, I have to put in a lot of hours with the coach. I am a great studier, I learn fast, I learn on the job very quickly, but my main focus is making sure I do what is asked of me and contribute where I can.

Q. Is it strange to be out on the field wearing a new uniform after spending such a long time in Green Bay?

A. It was my first time being released, so yes it was, being in Green Bay and coming to New York was a definitely a huge difference. Again, my main focus is coming in here and making sure that I am on the same page as the team. Knowing exactly what they are asking of me and my role on this team.

Q. Did you play special teams at all with the Packers and is that something that you can contribute to right away?

A. Oh, most definitely. Special teams is a part of the NFL. You look at it as one of the aspects that has to stay consistent, whether or not, week in and week out, the defense or the offense can fade. Special teams has to stay consistent; that is very important. I am trying to come in and get in, where I fit in, so to speak. I am looking forward to coming and doing my job.

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