Tom Coughlin, 09.17.09

Q:  Is everybody revved up a little more because of the Cowboys?

A:  It is a divisional game and it is the same - last week we had a divisional game, this week we have a divisional game.  It is very exciting.

Q:  Because they have big play capabilities, does that take anything from your aggressiveness on defense?

A:  I don't so. They do have that. They demonstrated that the other day against Tampa Bay, without a doubt. So we are well aware of that, but we have to play our game.

Q:  Chris Canty?

A:  He strained his calf.

Q:  Yesterday?

A:  That was yesterday, yes.

Q:  How bad is it?

A:  We'll see. 

Q:  Is he getting treatment for that?

A:  Yeah, oh yeah.

Q: Michael Johnson didn't practice today...

A:  No, but we are hopefully, we are feeling good about that part of it. 

Q:  How much further along is Aaron Ross?

A:  You see him.  He seems to be doing pretty well.

Q:  You have had two practices now with Michael Boley.  How is he doing?

A:  He has done well.  He has done everything that we have asked him to do and then some, to be honest with you.

Q:  He was brought in for his athleticism - has the hip situation limited that ability?

A:  He is a football player. That is why he is here. No, he seemed to be able to practice well.

Q:  In the warmup before practice Jeff Feagles hit the ceiling about five times.

A:  He was practicing, I think.

Q:  Does he have to punt any differently on Sunday?

A:  I don't think so.  It depends on whether he is going down the middle or off to the side. And most of the time he is trying to figure that out himself - how he is going to punt the ball in different situations. So we are just going to have to go and see. We know what the ruling is. 

Q:  Was he trying to hit it?

A:  When he is challenged.

Q:  Was he challenged to hit it today?

A:  I don't know, but that is what happened the first time we were in here in the spring. You remember what it was. Somebody said, "Bet you can't hit the ceiling" --   sure enough.

Q:  Was Kenny Phillips moving okay today?

A:  He moved well, yeah; he seemed to move well.

Q:  The whole practice?

A:  He made about - I don't know how many -- interceptions. He made about two or three. He was all over the place.

Q:  He seemed to indicate yesterday that this is something that is ongoing...

A:  It is a maintenance thing; it really is. So we are going to have to deal with that.

Q:  What makes the Dallas defensive line tough?

A:  They are very good. They are very good. It is a good scheme; they have very good players. 

Q:  Is Canty in danger of not playing Sunday, or don't you know?

A:  It is pretty much day to day.  We will see.

Q:  How about Michael Boley?

A:  Yeah.  He has practiced; he has done well in practice.

Q:  Is the calf injury with Canty a result of him coming back from a ‘hammy'?

A:  I don't know what it is. There is no way of saying that. He took a second step and had an issue.

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