NY Giants 53 man roster...

Being that it's 5:41 on Wednesday and my boss is out all week I thought I would use my down time to throw a quick post up.

For those that don't know... Ed threw up a post of a projected 53 man roster for the NY Giants maybe a week or so back.

What I appreciated about it was that it came from the gut...and I think as true fans we all have something inside of us that recognizes talent.  What exactly it is, I can't say for sure...I can't call it...lets just say it's a "gut" feeling. 

I'm not going to attempt to rattle off a 53 man roster...I don't have the time or all the information at hand to do so, but what I will do is address 2 areas of concern for a lot of my Giant brethren; LineBackers and Wide Receivers.  Again, I'm not an expert nor do I claim to be one.  What you are about to read is purely my thoughts on the matter and my gut feeling...but please, feel free to rip me apart.







Linebackers: (what I'm about to post may seem crazy to some...but hear me out)


1) Michael Boley - He's one of our big FA signings ... that is his job.

2) Bryan Kehl - A very solid backup right now, has the potential to start...Good size and speed.  His ability may move him to SAM being that Boley should be a fixture for years to come.


1) Antonio Pierce - Has he lost a step?  Sure...but he's our guy.

2) Jonathan Goff - Was slowed by injuries last year but I think he's finally starting to show the coaches why we drafted him.  He is still un proven but he's also entering only his 2nd year.  Keep an eye on this guy fellas.

SAM: (and this is where it gets interesting)

1) Chase Blackburn - Hear me out...I know Chase is not the ideal starting LB but I like Chase more than D. Clark, and let's face it, once Sintim is ready, it's his position.  I also think Chase's ability and skills are more that of a SAM than a WILL.  He's a tough guy and has an uncanny ability to make plays...something that D. Clark did very little last year.  He and AP have been here the longest out of the LB's they have a good relationship on and off the field, they know the defense, they know the assignments...and again, it's temporary.  

2) Clint Sintim - The up and will be his job next year.  He'll get a good amount of time this year but won't win it out right until next year.

3) Zach DeOssie - He can't go anywhere, he's probably our weakest LB, but he's a beast on special teams and is responsible for long/short snaps.

If you haven't noticed yet, a few names have been left off this list.  Gerris Wilkinson and Danny Clark.  Sorry guys but your cut. 

Wilkinson has good skills, good speed, good size, and he's great at getting injured.  He hasn't shown me enough to warrant another year.  If he can just stay healthy he could be a very good backup in this league...just not here.

Danny Clark...goodbye.  Your best days are behind you.  It's a miracle you were able to finagle a 2 year deal outta the Giants in the first place.

DISCLAIMER:  there's really not much of a doubt in my mind Clark makes the team this year...I'm just saying if it was me, he'd be gone.  No sense in delaying the inevitable,

Chase can back up all three positions.  We've given Kehl some (not much) but some reps at SAM.  Kehl is a talented kid.  I think he could move over to SAM and not miss a beat if we needed him to.

 So there you go....7 LB's for the NYGiants this year. 

On to WR's. 

1) Domenik Hixon - I'm looking for this to be some what of a break out year.  Great work ethic, very good speed, and a deep threat.  Should lead the team in receiving yards.

2) Mario Manningham -  Time to see what you got's clear the team has you pegged as the #3 WR, but you're better outside than in the slot.  I'm moving you up, and outside.

3) Steve Smith - Probably the most complete WR on the team.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the slot receiver.  Should lead the team in receptions this year.

4) Ramses Barden - a star in the making.  I really don't have anything else to say.

5) Hakeem Nicks - still young, bring him along slowly but let's not ignore him.  Anyone above slips up and you give him some more reps.

6) Derek Hagan - I'm sorry David Tyree but Hagan's been lighting it up in camp.  Former 3rd round pick entering his 4th year, great leaping ability and has shown good hands (despite the reports)

7) Sinorice Moss - You don't even know how close I was to cutting Moss.  The reason he makes my list is because without question the giants will put him on the roster and probably in the #4 hole.  There is no point in drafting a guy than bring him along for 3 years and not give him a I right?  The Giants will give him a shot, I would not.

It's hard to say goodbye to David Tyree, it really is, but I think the time has come...I was really rooting for him but he missed time early in camp and muffed a great chance vs. Chicago on special teams to pin them back inside their 5 yard line.  Special Teams was supposed to be his saving grace, but after the injury you have to wonder if he's still got it.

Biddle and Bodiford obviously do not make the 53 man roster. 

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