Who's the best Cornerback in football???

I'm new at this whole Fan Posting routine but it's now 5:29 on a Friday and this last hour of work is killing me. 

I brought this up over at Ed's site and it brought in some responses so I figured it deserves it's own post.

For those that do not know, I'm a huge Giant fan and big supporter of Corey Webster.  Watching Cweb over the past year and a half I can't help but notice a huge improvement and it became pretty obvious to me that last year teams were intentionally avoiding throwing the ball in his direction.  I decided to do some research in regards to Cornerback stats because lets face it, there is more to playing cornerback than interceptions.  There's a ton of stuff on the web but very little in the way of stats, I did my best to provide the most accurate information.

I want to make it very clear that the stats that I've posted are from the 2008 season.  I also want to make it very clear that i had no part of researching these stats and I'm pretty much cutting and pasting from another site.

Also, if anyone has other stats they would like to all means fire away.  Just bear in mind these stats are from 2008.



"This is an article dedicated to the 25 CBs who are currently playing the best football. I look at many factors to determine what 25 CBs are playing the best football. Attempts (passes thrown at the CB), total yards (including penalty yards), yards per attempt (YPA), TDs allowed, incompletions forced, non forced incompletions, pass deflections, INTs, safety help, man/zone coverage, level of competition, efficiency, hot and cold streaks, and pass rush. This article is intended to open people’s eyes and minds as to who are truly the best CBs in the league."

1. Nnamdi Asomugha
Season Total: 29 attempts, 4.97 YPA, 62.07 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

2. Corey Webster
Season Total: 63 attempts, 4.11 YPA, 63.49 Forced INC%, 1 TD

3. Charles Woodson
Season Total: 62 attempts, 5.87 YPA, 56.45 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

4. Chris Johnson
Season Total: 45 attempts, 5.20 YPA, 53.33 Forced INC%, 1 TD

5. Al Harris
Season Total: 35 attempts, 5.51 YPA, 51.43 Forced INC%, 2 TD

6. Darrelle Revis
Season Total: 68 attempts, 5.10 YPA, 50.00 Forced INC%, 1 TD

7. Sheldon Brown
Season Total: 58 attempts, 5.10 YPA, 43.10 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

8. Brandon Flowers
Season Total: 61 attempts, 4.85 YPA, 34.43 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

9. Ronald Bartell
Season Total: 87 attempts, 5.97 YPA, 45.98 Forced INC%, 1 TD

10. Samari Rolle
Season Total: 43 attempts, 4.05 YPA, 51.16 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

11. Stanford Routt
Season Total: 37 attempts, 5.41 YPA, 48.65 Forced INC%, 2 TDs

12. Carlos Rogers
Season Total: 101 attempts, 5.83 YPA, 47.52 Forced INC%, 4 TDs

13. Antoine Winfield
Season Total: 56 attempts, 6.20 YPA, 37.50 Forced INC%, 2 TDs

14. Quentin Jammer
Season Total: 82 attempts, 6.06 YPA, 40.24 Forced INC%, 4 TDs

15. Kelvin Hayden
Season Total: 42 attempts, 6.21 YPA, 45.24 Forced INC%, 1 TD

16. Deshea Townsend
Season Total: 30 attempts, 6.00 YPA, 40.00 Forced INC%, 0 TDs

17. Richard Marshall
Season Total: 34 attempts, 4.53 YPA, 32.35 Forced INC%, 1 TD

18. Asante Samuel
Season Total: 71 attempts, 6.45 YPA, 42.25 Forced INC%, 3 TDs

19. Leigh Bodden
Season Total: 75 attempts, 6.84 YPA, 40.00 Forced INC%, 3 TDs

20. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Season Total: 71 attempts, 6.55 YPA, 43.66 Forced INC%, 4 TDs

21. Nick Harper
Season Total: 85 attempts, 5.81 YPA, 38.82 Forced INC%, 2 TDs

22. Cortland Finnegan
Season Total: 78 attempts, 7.56 YPA, 44.87 Forced INC%, 0 TD

23. Marcus Trufant (NR)
Season Total: 85 attempts, 6.95 YPA, 44.71 Forced INC%, 5 TDs

24. Phillip Buchanon
Season Total: 66 attempts, 7.61 YPA, 30.30 Forced INC%, 2 TDs

25. Jabari Greer
Season Total: 47 attempts, 5.81 YPA, 42.55 Forced INC%, 2 TDs


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