Best Giants' kick returner? I say Meggett in a landslide


When we voted for our Big Blue View All-Time New York Giants Team last summer, we skipped over the kick returner.

I think there is little debate that the best kick returner the Giants have ever had is the diminutive Dave Meggett. In fact, I find it hard to believe you can make a legitimate case that the answer is anyone other than Meggett.

Yet, as we looked back at that team the other day, I noticed some of you ask for a vote to 'officially' name an all-time best kick returner.

Here is my case for Meggett.

  • Leads the Giants in all-time punt-return yardage, amassing 2,230 yards from 1989-94.
  • Averaged 11.0 yards per punt return, one of only two Giants to average at least 10 yards per return in their careers. The other is someone named Ward Cuff, who averaged 12.1 yards on 37 returns from 1941-45.
  • Is second in all-time kickoff return yardage to Clarence Childs (who?), having compiled 2,989 yards. Admittedly, though, this was based on volume of returns. He averaged just 20.5 yards per kickoff return as a Giant.
  • Has seven returns for touchdowns in his career (six on punts, one kickoff return). Emlen Tunnell (five) is the only other player in the history of the franchise with more than three.

There have been other notable kick returners.

  • Tunnell was obviously a terrific punt returner, with five touchdowns over 10 seasons. But, he averaged just a pedestrian 8.5 yards per return and did not return kickoffs.
  • Phil McConkey held the return job before Meggett and was a fan favorite. McConkey is third all-time in punt return yardage (1,708), but averaged just 8 yards per return. He was a poor kickoff returner, too, getting just 19.2 yards per return. He never scored a touchdown on a return.

A few other players have been good at one job or the other over the years -- such as Willie Ponder, Rocky Thompson, Leon Bright -- even Tiki Barber and Amani Toomer on punt returns.

No one, though, in my opinion, equaled Meggett.

If you can make a strong case for someone else I'd love to hear it.

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