What does the GM have up his sleeve?

We all know by this point that Jerry Reese is a shrewd businessman who is willing to go against the conventional wisdom (passing on Braylon, Boldin, Houshmandzadeh) in order to do what he thinks will help the team win.  Whats really been puzzling me is the matter of the roster size.  Obviously, not everyone who is on the roster at this point is not going to make the team.  The only team that entered the draft with fewer needs than our beloved G-Men was the Steelers and that's saying something.  Few needs coupled with a high number of picks begs one question.

Is JR planning a firesale?

I highly doubt it, but there are some players on the roster who have some sort of value.. I'll go down the list.

Aaron Ross.. He's a solid Corner, but that's a position in which the Giant's have depth (that feels weird to have depth at corner.. doesn't it?) Also, I'm sick and tired of seeing Ross leave nearly every game with some sort of injury.. it makes me question his toughness.  I think Terrell Thomas has all the potential to be a superstar.. and Corey Webster should have made the pro bowl last year.  Dockery is also a servicable nickleback. 

David Carr: If Rhett Bomar plays to his ability in preseason, Carr is expendable.  He also has a small contract which might make him attractive. 

Ahmad Bradshaw: If the staff are really as high on Danny Ware as people are saying, and this Andre Brown kid turns out to be a stud, why not?

Barry Cofield: I think he's almost a bench warmer at this point.. he might be the fourth or fifth defensive tackle (depending on whether tuck kicks inside during third down) and I don't see the rotation getting and six deep which makes it a numbers game between Cofield and Alford. 

If you can get good value from anyone, it might be worth it.  I don't wanna trade people for the sake of doing so, but I also don't like drafting players just so they can make the practice squad. 

thoughts anyone?


P.S.: Ed, I can shine your shoes if needed.. haha

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