Giants have plenty of options draft weekend

This week has been one of intrigue. It is impossible really to tell what will happen this week and the upcoming draft day. When the Giants said "adios" to Plaxico Burress, there really started to be more questions than answers, and those questions that are yet to be answered will most likely not be answered until at least the 7th pick in the draft.

The good news is that Tom Cable is looking to rebuild...a lot. This may allow the Giants to throw a good number of picks his way so that they could jump on the much heralded young receiver, Jeremy Maclin. A lot in his scouting report says the guy may even be a safer bet for the Giants than the other guy. However, as the prevous links state, Al Davis rarely moves down in the draft...he brings his team down, instead (ouch). Well, besides that point, there might be a possibility of this but the Giants would probably have to pay a king's ransom for it and it may not be seen as worth it.

Of course, we've heard rumors about the Giants trading for either Chad Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards, or Anquan Boldin by draft day. So far, nothing's happened (or we wouldn't be talking about it) but I would like to briefly hit on these options.

First of all, everyone has ragged on the Giants for even considering Chad 8-5. This all may be moot but it must be noted that the receiver does not have a criminal record (a plus at this point), is a big time player, and does not put up a fuss if he doesn't get the ball. He consistently draws double coverage (partly why T.J. was able to get the big deal in the first place at the age of 32) which is what the Giants need to open up the running game, and at his age (31) he is still a versatile play maker. While he is a prankster, Coughlin would gladly put up with that so long as the guy shows up on time and is respectful to his coaching staff and teammates (we've heard of no problems there in Cincinnati).

Braylon Edwards...let's be honest, he's dropped a lot of perfectly catchable balls. But unlike Johnson, he's got plenty of prime years ahead of him and if we can't look at it any other way, he's an upgrade over Amani Toomer (who also had cement hands on and off in his career). He also is a silky smooth route runner who can quickly break away from the second level; he requires press, bump and run coverage; and he often requires a safety to roll coverage over the top. This would be ideal for the Giants system. Just like the Raiders' option, it might look too rich for the Giants but with Cleveland picking fourth and Crabtree most likely there for the taking, it may be a win-win for the Jints and the new-look Browns staff.

Of course, we cannot overlook the idea of Boldin trading in his red sweater for a nice shade of blue but this seems least likely. While most Giants fans are licking their chops to have him join Big Blue, according to most articles, he might be too expensive (both in draft picks and in a contract) for the Giants to be willing to trade for him. Not only this, but with rumors about a lingering hip problem, he may not have as many prime years of playing time ahead of him to outlive his contract. He's also not a prototypical, "stretch the field" #1, with most of his potential coming from yards after the catch. This would lead to dump-offs, screens, and leading plays where defenders will have him play in front of him. This is not what the Giants are looking for when/if they trade for a WR.

Lastly, the Giants may choose not to address the WR position with the 1st round pick, and instead throw it at a still available ILB/OLB. These guys are hoping on that. Who could blame them? Besides, Smith has been Mr. Clutch, and if Hixon didn't drop what could've been a wide open TD pass in an extremely poorly played game (Hixon aside) against Philadelphia, Giants fans might be, instead, thinking of this flashback as his future painted in blue.

Thankfully, we will see soon, and the questions we've all been pondering will be answered. Until then, what do you think?

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