Gee, let's talk about the Giants and ... wide receivers

When it comes to talking about the New York Giants this off-season, it is all wide receiver all the time. Why should today be any different?

From the esteemed Ralph Vacchiano comes word that General Manager Jerry Reese is not inclined to fork over first- and third-round draft choices for Arizona's Anquan Boldin. Vacchiano seems to indicate that Reese might, however, be willing to give up that much for Cleveland's Braylon Edwards.

“For the right player, you do whatever you can to make it happen,” Reese said, in response to a question about the Cardinals looking for at least a first- and a third-round pick in return for Boldin. “I don’t know if that’s the best thing for us to do, to package up a deal that valuable. We like our draft picks. We like developing players. We won’t force anything.”

Asked if that would be forcing it for Boldin, Reese said “It could be.”

Asked if it would be too high a price for anyone, Reese said “Maybe not for anybody available. There’s a couple guys that might be worth that price.”

I think we are all getting tired of this discussion, getting tired of speculating about what receiver will be coming to New York, and getting tired of waiting for a move to happen.

It seems quarterback Eli Manning is feeling the same way.

"I think Jerry Reese and the coaches and the owners, they've been studying all the receivers, whether it's rookie receivers in the draft or free agents who are available and what might happen. So I think they're on top of it," Mannning said. "They know we have some good receivers here, some young guys who can play football for us, but that we might need a No. 1 receiver. So I think that's what they're going to look for right now and I'm sure something will happen either during the draft or before the draft or right near it to help us out."

It was even more interesting that Manning got specific by talking up the Browns' Braylon Edwards.

"You just see him make big plays," Manning said. "I know last year maybe wasn't his best year, but two years ago, he scored a lot of touchdowns. And I think you want a guy who can catch the ball and make big plays and get in the end zone."

Mike Garafolo wonders if that is the understated quarterback's way of turning up the heat on Reese. Interesting. In this case I am hoping Eli gets what he wants.

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