'Prospecting:' Ramses Barden

His name has come up in a few threads here recently. So, let's spend this week's 'prospecting' piece discussing Ramses Barden.

If you don't know who Barden is, he is a 6-foot-6, 230-pound monster of a wide receiver out of tiny Cal Poly. Barden has been climbing draft boards quickly in recent weeks, as evidenced by the comment below from NFL.com.

"Big, great hands, athletic and can dominate. Great target. A certain No. 2 receiver with upside. Can take over a game. Tremendous body control. The best blocker of all receivers in the draft. Reminiscent of San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson but projected to become the better player. You need or want a big receiver, this player cannot be ignored. Could slip into the bottom of the first round. Should not last past the second round."

Scout.com had this to say about Barden.

Barden is a physical specimen who has tremendous size and the ability to be dominant. He gets off the line well and embraces physical play. He’s not a burner, but is deceptively fast with his long strides. He has strong hands and is dangerous after the catch. He’s a red zone threat who elevates over most defenders and hauls in tough catches. He’s an outstanding blocker and will help in the run game.

Barden is also not lacking in belief in his own ability. He has been compared to Keyshawn Johnson, and had this to say about that.

"I know he was a great possession receiver," Barden said. "I think I have that trait. But I think I'm a receiver that what you need, I can get. I think I'm a complete receiver, not a possession receiver." ...

I want to learn how to get better and I don't waste time in my work. I think I am the most complete receiver in the draft, better than a decent player and aspiring to be a great player."

There are questions about his speed, and about how Barden will fare stepping up to NFL competition. His size and strength, though, make him a physical freak for the wide receiver position.

It will be really interesting to see how long he lasts before someone takes a chance on him.

Wat do you think, Giants' fans. Is this a guy you would be interested in late in the second round or with one of the team's two third-round selections?

The video below is grainy, and I know 'Hoya' used it in a 'FanPost,' but it gives you a decent look at Barden.

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