New York Giants Notes: 12.31.09


[UPDATE: Brandon Jacobs and Aaron Ross placed on IR. Rhett Bomar and Sha'reef Rashad added to the roster.]

Good Morning Giants fans, the end of this dismal season is just a few days away, here are some of the stories making headlines this morning in the world of the Giants:

Eli Manning was asked yesterday about the milestones the Giants can achieve this Sunday:

Yeah they mean something. I want to make sure to get Steve his 100 catches. I take pride in having my receivers get that. It is something that is not easy to do and he has worked hard and had a great season. It is something that he can be proud of. Try to get that for him. I know Hakeem Nicks needs four to get 50 catches. That is something that is good for a rookie to get 50 catches in a season. In the long run that is not the most important thing, that's not why you play the games, but still in this circumstance you try to get those things for your guys.

For anyone wondering what's happened to Danny Ware, Tom Coughlin was asked about him yesterday:

Of course he had the unfortunate incident at the very beginning of the season. Then he came back and got nicked again. So he really hasn't had the time or the extended --- to be honest with you, in special teams when he was back, he didn't do much. He didn't provide us with a lot. And Gartrell (Johnson), when given the chance, flies around. So Danny is - we are trying to make him understand a lot of things about consistency and about what our expectation levels are, no matter what spot we are in. And hopefully he is going to learn that.

Seeing as how Jet fans were setting fires in the stands at their last game at Shea Stadium, banning alcohol for the stadium finale against the Bengals is probably a smart idea.

And you guys may have covered this earlier in the week, but who was the scheduling genius that decided the Jets should close our stadium? Might as well have Simply Red do the final concert there too, instead of that Springsteen guy.

Here's a Philly homer enjoying watching the Giants season go down in flames. I guess when you have the rich tradition of Championship football that they have in Philadelphia, it's fun to enjoy the misery of others.

Finally, I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2010. All the best!

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