Tom Coughlin, 12.18.09

Q:  Aaron Ross was out today?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Anything particular?

A:  Hamstring.

Q:  Same one?

A:  He has had it on both sides – I believe it is the same one.

Q:  How concerned are you?

A:  I’m concerned, yes. It’s a fair question. It’s too bad the English language can’t allow for some other way to say that. I am concerned.

Q:  Mildly concerned?

A:  Maybe.

Q:  Is it along the same lines as the stuff he has felt before?

A:  I don’t think it is quite that bad but any time – it is day to day.  That’s all I can tell you.

Q:  When did this develop?

A:  Yesterday afternoon. 

Q:  After practice?

A:  Actually at the end of practice, yes; after practice, if you will.

Q:  You know how hard he has worked to try to get back on the field. I imagine it kind of hurts him a lot.  Are you bothered by this, knowing what he has gone through?

A:  Yes. Yes, I am; very unfortunate.

Q:  Where are you with Corey Webster?

A:  Still the same.  He didn’t work today.  He gets a little better every day but again, I can’t speculate.

Q:  Is it safe to say that both Webster and Ross will be game time decisions?

A:  Possibly.

Q:  With the way that Washington is playing, has it been at all difficult to get through to the players despite their record…?

A:  Not at all. The tape verifies the quality of their play. And I have kind of kept them up to date on their last five games – the way they have played. So there isn’t any question about the quality of their team.

Q:  With both Aaron and Corey injured someone like Bruce Johnson possibly could take over a bigger role.  How comfortable are you with the development that he has made this year?  If he did have to start, how comfortable would you be with that?

A:  He has done an outstanding job all year long from a guy who wasn’t drafted to the impact that he had on us in the early season. So we have been pleased the Bruce.

Q:  I’m sure with any rookie there are little things you have to work on – has he made some of those adjustments as the season has progressed?

A:  Yes, he has. He has improved. He has gotten an opportunity to play a lot of football.

Q:  You use words like ‘outstanding’ and ‘very pleased’ but we have seen a lot of balls caught on him lately. He has had his share of struggles, no?

A:  He is a rookie. The other guy watches tape, too. He is very competitive.

Q:  Does that bother you that maybe people are finding out his weaknesses?

A:  Well, it is what it is. Does it bother me? No more than other areas of concern or other ways in which the opponent attempts to attack.

Q:  What is the latest with Kareem McKenzie?

A:  The same – status quo. It is a little better. It feels a little better.

Q:  Ahmad Bradshaw?

A:  Ahmad Bradshaw will have his one day. That is pretty much where he is this week.

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