BBV Pick'em playoffs

Hello fellow BBV prognosticators,

It's time to discuss what we can do to have a pick'em playoffs come NFL playoff time. Rather than type a bunch of options, what I'll do is lay out my best idea and let everyone weigh in on it. Every time I try to attach a poll my pc crashes, so please, when making your non-binding, just to get a feeling vote, use the subject line YEA or NAY. Only BBV poolers, please.

We will continue to discuss this and this is in no way written in stone based on this thread alone.

My goal for this playoffs is twofold. First, I want to inject some heat into the waning regular season by setting a cutoff for playoff eligibility. Therefore, of our remaining 21 players, I suggest we have a 16-picker playoff tournament. At this point, with 5 weeks and something like 150+ games to go, our last place player is only 3 correct picks short of making the playoffs is it began today, so nobody is anything CLOSE to eliminated or even "tough row to hoe."

Secondly, I want to make it possible for anyone to win the BBV Pick'emBowl. Therefore, I suggest 16 players because we could halve the field with each round of the playoffs. The top 8 pickers would advance from the wild card round to the divisional round, and 4 would go on to the Conference finals. Two would face off in the Superbowl.

Points will be a tiebreaker. For the sake of having an idea out there, I will say we pick the points for every game.

Therefore, we would have a regular season champ -- which really is the bragging point, I believe. Then we would reset to 0 points and have a wild stampede for the PickemBowl.

Because of the low number of games involved in the playoffs, to retain regular season points would effectively mean only a small handful of players would have a shot. I'm one of them, so I'm not leaning toward my benefits with this.

Of course, we could always bracket up with a seeded tournament, but I think that'd be maybe too personal than competing agasint everyone as we always have.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. We will use this thread to come to a general consensus, then have one final vote poll thread in a few weeks. Please recommend this post.

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