Not much nice to say about the Giants effort, or lack thereof

Here is a little of what is being written and said in the aftermath of the Giants 26-6 debacle last night against the Denver Broncos.

Here is a very damning statement from running back Brandon Jacobs.

"I'm angry for the simple reason, it doesn't bother me that my numbers weren't there," Jacobs said. "I just want to win football games. We didn't give us ourselves a chance. We gave the game away. We went out, and we didn't play hard and they took it. ...

"We didn't want it bad enough, they wanted it more, and they came out and outplayed us."

Guard Chris Snee agreed with Jacobs. Here is part of a column by Steve Serby of The New York Post.

It wasn't the altitude that sucked the air out of the 6-5 Giants. It's the attitude. They don't have any. They don't have any meanness, they don't have any toughness and they don't have any clue, and if they keep playing like this, they will not have any hope.

Snee was asked what was missing.

"It seemed like there was no fire," he said. "It just flat-out seemed like they wanted it more. You'd be hard-pressed to find one or two games where you could say that about this team."

The Giants Football Blog had this to say.

The only redeeming quality about last night’s mail-order performance by the Giants is that it was broadcast on the NFL Network, so millions across the country were spared the anguish.

Tim Smith of the New York Daily News says the Thanksgiving Day lack of effort was a disgrace.

With so much on the line, and looking to build on their victory overAtlantalast Sunday - one that snapped a four-game losing streak - the Giants came out flat, listless and disinterested. ... There were better games of football played by fat guys on the lawn after Thanksgiving dinner than the what Giants displayed against the Broncos Thursday night.

From The Sporting News.

The Giants were manhandled on both sides off the ball ... The Giants (6-5) looked almost unprepared for the Broncos' intensity. Having snapped a four-game losing streak the week before, the Giants saw things on film they could take advantage of.

"The list of how to go about defeating the Broncos was really very simple," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "Over the last four games, people would rush the ball on them, they would win the turnover battle, they would win the time of possession, (and) they would score in the green zone."

Here is one more from Coughlin.

"We didn’t have any tempo and we didn’t make any plays," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "We keep talking about winning the physical battle and controlling the line of scrimmage. We thought this would be the night and it wasn’t."

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