Tom Coughlin, 11.20.09

Q. Everybody made it through the week healthy, all 53 guys?

A. So far. We haven’t showered yet.

Q. Aaron Ross?

A. He is making, as far as I can tell, he is making progress. He’s a long stretch everyday. When he comes out and runs around he hasn’t been set back that I know of. He hasn’t said a word of that.

Q. He’s been working a little at safety?

A. There is only so many guys, so they play multiple spots and he’s a corner.

Q. In a game? is that just for practice?

A. It’s however we need to use a guy in practice. He is a cornerback, that is what he plays.

Q. So, he wouldn’t play safety in a game?

A. No, not at this point in time, but you never know.

Q. Game time decision?

A. I would think so.

Q. The fact that you are able to use the nickel more and play with the linebacker. When you look at him is it like we don’t have to necessarily rush him back because we don’t need as many corners?

A. Well, you never know. It just depends on what the other guy is doing. Boley can play in that spot, in the dime spot if you need him. Terrell is the nickel.

Q. Bradshaw, any set backs?

A. No, he took plays yesterday and today. He seemed to do okay. He doesn’t get overworked, but he does have his timing plays and that type of thing.

Q. You have had a lot of teams in your career in a stretch run towards the playoffs. Can it be overstated how important health is at this time?

A. You go through cycles of that. That’s why the other guys on your team have to be able to step up and do it. Early on we were able to do a lot of that with six defensive backs. We won quite a few games early on. You do have to have guys who do come in and play. It is good to be healthy right now. We are probably as healthy as we have been at any time, right now.

Q. The other side of that is that guys who might not have gotten experience have gotten good experience?

A:  That helps, that helps.  They have been in games; they have played in games.

Q:  You saw Tye Hill last here last year when he was with the Rams.  What are the similarities with him or any changes in him now?

A:  I don’t know that I see any changes.  He is still very athletic and very fast and does those kinds of things.  I think they are playing more than one person there at that spot.  But that’s not unusual. 

Q:  Your thoughts on how D.J. Johnson is coming along.

A:  It’s good to have him here.  He is really a bright, sharp young guy and has quite a background and open and honest.  And he seems like a very good kid.  He will be a nice addition.  We just need to spend more time with him.

Q:  Is it difficult to start figuring out who is not going to dress this weekend?

A:  Well, you know you just have to plan on the numbers.  Before you get too far along, you decide who goes down.  It is never easy.  It is never easy to tell a young guy that he is not going to dress.  But you have to kind of build up and see where you stand and what is best for your team.  You try to make young guys understand those special teams decisions – they are the decisions.  Those are the hard decisions. 

Q:  If Aaron Ross can’t go more than a handful of plays, is there a value just getting his feet wet in the game?

A:  We’ll see.  We’ll see.  If somebody dresses, you expect them to – they have to contribute.

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