BBV Pool Week 6 preliminary results

The pool was a tiny consolation for me yesterday, as I realized that not only had the Jets lost to the Bills, but the Philatelic Igglestons managed to LOSE to the RAIDERS. If there ever was a time for immature, schadenfreudish usage of capitol letter texting, this is it: OMFGROTFLMFAO!

Yes, almost everyone got a bare minimum of 3 wrong as everyone had the Eggs, the Jets, and the Giants. All but two had the Bungles, and the Seattle Birdshits were somehow piping nerve gas into our offices to be our pool favorite. That realization came to me after posting... Sunday morning I guess. Arizona is better, period, I mused.

This is the first week anyone posted a negative record.

Without further ado:

XLII: 10-3 ... got only the three big traps wrong, (Giants, Jets, Eggs) 

8-5: Simms-McConkey, njGiant, ShenktheTank, Mahmoodzaky, Woogie526, willGfass, M., Mr. Met

7-6: FreeBradshaw, Tito8-0, Meigs1414, GiantRB27, hocke26, ianwestpalm, LostinJersey, brisulph, GiantsReignSupreme, Nck228, G-Brit

6-7: Wangstu, Phildo, Shofner

5-8: cjmulrain

with that, XLII is assured the "Hot Hand." XLII you can email me that, any time you like preferably by Wed.?

Remember to post if I credit you with too few or too many wins.


63-26: GiantRB27

62-27: Simms-McConkey, XLII

61-28: ShenktheTank

60-29: Brisulph

59-30: Phildo, Meigs1414, hocke26, M.

58-31: G-Brit, GiantsReignSupreme

57-32: Wangstu, FreeBradshaw, LostinJersey, IanWestPalm, WillgFass

56-33: Shofner85, njGiant, Mahmoodzaky

55-34: Nck228, Woogie526, Mr. Met

54-35: Tito8-0

Who would benefit from a Chargers win tonight? FreeBradshaw, cjmulrain, XLII (hot hand), Meigs1414 (original hot hand), Shofner, M., and GRS. the pool went 18-7 for the Broncos.

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