Moving on to offensive guard

Hall of Famer Mel Hein bested Bart Oates, 42-25, in voting for the center position on our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team.

Now we move on to guard, and I have no clue how the voting for this one will turn out. It's not a glamour position in the first place, and scanning the list of nominees I got from 'pot' and from George I can't say I find one truly great player in the entire list. That's amazing to me.

Anyway, here are your nominees. I promise no tainting the vote this week. Shoot, I have no idea who I would vote for, anyway.

  • Chris Snee: Of course, we know Snee. Tom Coughlin's son-in-law is the best lineman on the current Giants team. He hasn't made any Pro Bowl teams or been named All-Pro yet, but you would have to think a few of those are not too far down the road.
  • Jack Stroud: Three Pro Bowl appearances in a 12-year career that began in 1963.
  • Ron Stone: This guy might be the best lineman the Giants have had in the past 20-25 years. He was a 6-foot-5, 325-pound mountain in the middle. The problem is that he only played six of his 10 season with New York. He did make three Pro Bowl appearances, two as a Giant.
  • Brad Benson: One Pro Bowl in a 10-year career, spent entirely with the Giants. He was a mainstay of the line during the Bill Parcells Era.
  • Darrel Dess: Spent most of his 12-year career with the Giants and went to the Pro Bowl in 1962 and '63. Other than that, I honestly know nothing about him.

Vote in the attached poll. As usual, you have until next Thursday night.

Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team


Punter -- Sean Landeta
Placekicker -- Matt Bahr


Defensive End -- Michael Strahan
Defensive End -- Leonard Marshall
Defensive Tackle -- Roosevelt Grier
Middle Linebacker -- Harry Carson
Middle Linebacker -- Sam Huff
Outside Linebacker -- Lawrence Taylor
Outside Linebacker -- Brad Van Pelt
Cornerback -- Dick Lynch
Cornerback -- Mark Collins
Safety -- Emlen Tunnell
Safety -- Spider Lockhart


Center -- Mel Hein

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