Wednesday Walk Around the NFL 12-3-08


So I am sitting at my desk, reading the latest on "Paxagun" Burress, and then all of a sudden, it hits me....."Holy crap, it's Wednesday!"

So, here are some of the OTHER stories making headlines around the NFL. Better late than pregnant, I always say.

  • The NFL has suspended 6 players for doping violations. Unless the courts intervene, this could have huge ramifications on the NFC playoff race, because now the Vikings will be without their two starting defensive tackles.
  • The NFL Network bought up the remaining tickets for the Raiders-Chargers game Thursday night to lift the local TV blackout. The tickets will be given to military personnel and soldiers recovering at Balboa Navy Hospital. I am a firm believer in doing anything for the troops, but Raiders-Chargers? Haven't the soldiers suffered enough?
  • The NY Times says that while most NFL Teams are having their ups and downs, the Steelers are NFL's one constant.
  • SB Nation's "Arrowhead Pride" ponders whether the Chiefs can be next years Dolphins.
  • Anybody else see the irony in the Patriots playing in London?
  • Ok, while not directly related to the NFL, this could effect some coaching decisions at the end of the year. Reports are that Charlie Weis will return as Notre Dame coach next year. Every day I have to get up and look in the mirror at the guy who screamed for 2 years for Weis to replace Tom Coughlin as Giants coach. What an idiot that guy in the mirror is.
  • Gotta love Lions fans for keeping their sense of humor.

Some final NFL thoughts:

  • The Giants are only the fourth team in the history of the NFL to win more games after winning the Super Bowl than they won on their way to the championship the year before.
  • I don't think it's a stretch to say that 9 out of 16 teams in the AFC could have different head coaches next season. Probably only 2 or 3 in the NFC though, and that includes Mike Holmgren, who has been on this farewell tour for what seems to be about 8 years.
  • Roger Goodell told Mike Francesa on "NFL Now" on Sunday that officiating in the league is not an issue. I pray The Commish was being diplomatic, because Rog, the officiating is worse than its ever been, and its never been good.
  • Has anyone ever seen Al Davis and "The Cryptkeeper" in the same room?

Some final un-NFL thoughts:

  • Tough TV year for me, last week I had to say goodbye to The Shield, next week its Boston Legal. Thank God I still have Family Guy and Lost to look forward to. And Rescue Me, if that ever comes back.
  • I just love this time of year, when I am inundated with commercials from jewelry stores and auto makers that tell me the only way to tell my wife I love her is to spend $25K on her gift. If I spent that much on her gift, she would ask me what I did wrong.
  • Filling up my truck 3 months ago: $55. Filling up my truck 3 days ago: $23. Amazing.
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