My Love/Hate Relationship with the NFL

First off I love that any team can win on any given sunday.  The parity in the NFL makes for grand drama and a live or die menality.  The relatively short 17 week nfl season also makes every game important.

What I hate about the NFL is the preseason hype and BS predictions.  I know we are only 5 weeks in but things are already looking drastically different then the 'experts' predicted.  Some of that is due to injuries some is just teams being overhyped.  Every year there is at least one team that is picked to go to the Super Bowl and then is a total dud.

Before this season the Vikings were the talk of the town.  About how Adrian Peterson's sophomore season was going to be the year.  Yes he is great, but you need a QB that does more then manage the game.  So far at 1-3 they are looking to be a dud.

The Cleveland Browns,  In the interest of full disclosure I was hopeful that the hype around this team was true.  All my roommates in college were from Ohio and Browns fans.  But with 5 or 6 scheduled Nationally televised games and a record of 1-3 and a nightmare schedule.  This team is looking like it will have a much worse record then last year's 10-6, and there is already talk of a QB change.

The hated Patriots have been brought back down to earth somewhat with the Tom Brady injury,  but when that injury took place it was suddenly the Jets, because of Brett Farve, that were the contenders to dethrone the Pats.  While the Bills quiety have accumulated a 4-1 and the AFC East lead.

My beloved NY Giants got zero respect during the off season and now are the last remaining undefeated NFC team.  I know some of this is from a soft opening schedule,  but we are looking as dominant as ever.  Part of why the Giants do not generate any buzz is their superstars are for the most part quiet and humble and play with a team first attitude. 

Players generate more buzz for their teams having them on it, then the actual teams performance.  Some of the teams with the best records in the league right now have no name stars(Giants, Titans, Bills, Redskins)  Whereas all the media does is focus on the Farves of the league.  Jets, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys only one of those teams is off to a great start and they have the traditional superstars.

The team concept will never win out over big names, not in this era of Fantasy sports and media driven drama.  I don't blame them it makes for good TV.  I just wish for younger people watching the game they would rather emulate the faceless stars who just go out every Sunday and bust their butts for their team and win.  Then the TO's and the Farves of the league.

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